Reverie Fund One

Written by
the Reverie team
Sep 13, 2023

Today, we announced the launch of Reverie Fund One, a $20 million crypto venture fund. 

Nobody wants to hear another fund launch story. Instead, we’ll tell you why we think you should partner with us if you’re starting a crypto project.

Back to basics

We think great founders are tired of IQ point flaunting through complicated mechanism design and convoluted products that have little to no users.

In a complete 180 from this, we believe the next generation of crypto founders will care more about users, revenues, and profits — the basic ingredients that make every great company in the world.  

For the past few years, our team has partnered with some of the top projects in the space on nailing the basics, working on everything from building ecosystems from scratch to figuring out how much it costs to acquire a user (and whether the price is worth it). Now, we’re bringing that expertise to early-stage teams. 

When we invest, Reverie will be there to help you with all the nuts and bolts of building a project, such as introducing you to customers, brainstorming business models, and growing the market for your product. 

We’re crypto-native and business-native, and we’re here to help you build something generational. 

Products over speculation

We also think the next generation of great founders will build on crypto for the technology and its use-cases rather than the speculation, ideology, and macro narratives (“it’s the new gold,” aka digital pet rock). 

Let us explain. Many people say that speculation is the way to onboard people to crypto. We have to reject that premise — most founders in the world aren’t interested in building products for speculators. Who wants to run an online casino for meme tokens when you can build a crypto product that can change the world?

Fortunately, we’ve noticed great founders are starting to tinker with crypto to build products regular people would want to use. No degen stuff. Simply great products that have the potential to be way better than the products we use today.  

Crypto comes with many neat features like internet-native payments, programmable and interoperable assets, and publicly available data (just to name a few), and we are very excited to partner with teams that take crypto beyond speculation. 

We’ve done it before

Most investors don’t really “get it” because they’re not in the trenches. 

Reverie was designed to be different: every single person on the Reverie team has been both on the operating and investing side, with experience working alongside projects like Compound, dYdX, and Osmosis, as well as at investment firms like Blockchain Capital, Fidelity, and DCG. 

That means that when we invest, we will apply real lessons and experiences from what we’ve learned from years of operating in crypto.   

Let’s chat

If you’re building something that has the potential to be truly special, we’d love to chat. Reach out to us at

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