Jacob Arluck and Andrew Huang - Celestia, Conduit, and the Modular Future

Apr 3, 2024

In this episode, we chat with Jacob Arluck, head of strategy at Celestia Labs, and Andrew Huang, founder of Conduit. We cover a number of topics in the modular blockchain space, starting with the impact of DA solutions on the rollup landscape and the budding partnership between Conduit and Celestia, the leading RaaS and DA solutions in the market respectively.

With the recent implementation of EIP 4844 and a new DA solutions set to launch in the near future, we then put on our prediction hats with a discussion around the future of the DA market. In particular, we share opinions on what will ultimately drive purchasing decisions for developers, the economics of DA solutions, and the most likely end state market structure outcomes.

We also cover the critical role of RaaS providers in facilitating a rollup centric future, how RaaS solutions determine which frameworks to support, and the emerging ecosystem of Base L3’s.

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