DAOs are companies designed for the internet era. If you had to redesign the corporate form from scratch assuming every person in the world has an internet connection and a digital wallet, you’d make it a DAO. There will be plenty of growing pains to be sure, but we think DAOs are inevitable.

Therein lies the magical opportunity: the next trillion dollar entity will be organized as a DAO, and anyone who can do valuable work can grow with the DAO and capture fantastical upside. If DAOs get as large as we think they’ll get, contributors working for successful DAOs will generate returns rivaling those of the top venture-backed startups.

Doing high-quality work for DAOs is extremely time-intensive. As a result, Reverie works with only a handful of DAOs at a time. When we work with a DAO, we effectively become full-time contributors for a period of time.

Our core goal is to help DAOs grow. Tactically, we do that by establishing scalable organizational structures (grants, growth, and marketing programs), growth strategies (e.g., directed liquidity mining initiatives), and assisting with legal.